River Buoyancy & Branching River Tool Differences

Information on the differences between the two River Tool assets

This was the first River Tool to be released and had a specific use in mind, the key features of this tool is for making a more simple non branching river and wanting buoyancy support. It also uses an older technique for the shader, utilizing panning textures.


  • Simple river spline creation

  • Ability to have physics object have buoyancy and flow down the river

  • Panning textures


  • Unable to branch and re-attach

  • Does not support Flowmaps

  • Cannot have vertex painting

  • Not supported with UE4.26 Water Tools Plugin

This was a completely new project made for a different use. It is more focused on the ability to branch and then re-attach the river in multiple areas. It also has the ability to vertex paint areas for foam, and warping in different directions. In engine 4.26 the "Water Tools" plugin was added, the Branching River Tool has added support to work with this.


  • Ability to branch and re-attach rivers

  • Supports Flowmaps

  • Higher Quality Materials

  • Vertex painting for foam and directions

  • Supports UE4.26 Water Tools Plugin


  • Does not support Buoyancy

  • More complex material and blueprint

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