3. Fluid Controller

Setting up the Fluid Controller to your scene

Navigate to your "Place Actors" tab and search for "Fluid Controller", select the "BP_FluidController" from the list and place it within your scene.

Once placed in the scene, navigate to the blueprint details panel.

Under the "Render Targets" tab make sure your previously created render targets are input into the "Fluid Out" parameters.

You will need to add multiple fluid controllers and add the correct "Fluid Out" render targets if you plan to have multiple fluid simulations.

You can also change some of the fluid simulation settings in this details panel.

  • Fluid Update Rate: This will change the rate at which the fluid simulation ticks.

  • Fluid Travel Speed: This will change the speed at which the fluid ripples travel.

  • Fluid Dampening: This changes the dampening amount for the fluid ripples.

  • Normal Intensity: This changes the overall normal calculation intensity for this fluid simulation.

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