4. Fluid Component

Setting up the Fluid Implementation Actor Component for Skeletal Meshes

Within the overview map or a scene of your own, duplicate out one of the tutorial skeletal meshes or place one of your own.

Next select the new skeletal mesh actor. Within the details panel, press the "Add Component" button and select the "BP_FluidImplementation" actor component from the list.

We will also want some motion to see the fluid simulation work, click on the skeletal mesh and set "Simulate Physics" from the details panel.

Now select the newly added "BP_FluidInteraction" component.

There are a few settings here but we will cover those later. We want to go to the "Per Bone Trace" tab and make sure "Use Per Bone Trace" is enabled.

Secondly lets look at the "Fluid Mesh Tag" and set this to whichever name you want for the mesh.

Next add the same "Fluid Mesh Tag" to your mesh components tags.

Make sure to set the component tag on your water plane mesh to the correct tag listed on the component.

We can now press the play or simulate button and watch the skeletal mesh fall into the water and cause ripples.

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