How To Use

Opening the Level Palette

To open the Level Palette, navigate to the SHADERSOURCE dropdown menu in the editor toolbar.

In this menu, click the SHADERSOURCE: Level Palette option.

This will open the Level Palette UI in a new window. The Level Palette tab can be docked anywhere within the Unreal interface that the Content Browser can be docked.

The Level Palette can also be opened via Window -> SHADERSOURCE -> SHADERSOURCE: Level Palette.

Adding Categories

To add a new category to the Level Palette, simply press the Add Category button. This will insert a new empty category.

The Level Palette has no limit to the number of categories that can be added, however, increasing the number of categories beyond 6-8 might cause some performance issues, especially if there are a lot of assets in the project.

Renaming Categories

Categories can be renamed by clicking their name.

Category Toolbar

The toolbar below the category name can be used to hide, move, and delete the category.

Resizing Categories

Categories can be resized in a similar way to how a Details Panel can be resized. Hover between the categories, click and drag, to resize.

Adding Assets to a Category

To add an asset to the category simply drag and drop the asset from the Content Browser.

You can also drag and drop multiple assets at once.

Each category functions similar to the default Content Browser. They contain a search bar and a settings option to change the layout of the category.

Removing an Asset from a Category

To remove an asset from a category, simply right click the asset and select Remove.

Right clicking empty space in a category will also give you the option to Clear All assets for the whole category.

Saving and Presets

By default, the Level Palette saves the assets added to the categories when closing the tool or the editor so that when the tool is opened next, anything added isn't lost.

Presets are a way to save a Level Palette collection for use later or for other people to also use.

To save a new preset, select Save Preset As.

To save the current preset, select Save Preset.

Enabling Auto Save Changes will make it so that the Level Palette automatically saves any changes to the assets and categories added and removed to the Level Palette, in the current saved preset.

Additional Buttons

  • Clear Palette clears the entire palette of all assets and clears the saved preset. Note: This does NOT affect any assets in the current saved preset, even if Auto Save Changes is ticked on.

  • Delete All Categories removes ALL categories from the palette. Note: If Auto Save Changes is ticked on, it WILL remove all the assets in the current saved preset too.

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