Setup and Using Nanite Displacement

Documentation on how to use Nanite Displacement with LMT

This is only for Plugin Version 1.2 and UE5.3+

Enabling Nanite Displacement/Tessellation

Navigate to and open your "DefaultEngine.ini" file within your projects config folder.

Within the "DefaultEngine.ini" add these two lines under [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]


Save the file and close.

Restart your editor.

Using Nanite Displacement/Tessellation in LMT

Two new parameters have been added to the "Landscape Material Parameters" drop down show here:

These two parameters control the entire nanite displacement system within the landscape material.

  • Magnitude: Essentially what it does is control the "Intensity" of the displacement.

  • Center: This controls the center point from the heightmap 0-1 value.

Enabling Nanite on your Landscape

Navigate to and select your landscape actor within the world outliner.

Within the details panel there will be a dropdown called "Nanite".

Click the "Build Data" button and wait for the process to complete.

Once completed you should see some nice displacement on your landscape material!

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