UI Overview

The UI for the Landscape Material Tools Editor Mode is user friendly and split into three main tabs.

For Nanite Displacement/Tessellation see here Setup and Using Nanite Displacement

The material tab is used to generate a landscape material, the subtab bar has standard options for generating a new material "New", opening the referenced landscape material "Open", and compiling the referenced landscape material "Compile".

The "Landscape Master Material" asset entry is used to edit the landscape material, it has three different states, as shown below.

Valid Material:

A valid material will display when a verified and current Shadersource landscape material is selected. It should be displayed with a green outline.

This should also enable the "Open" and "Compile" sub tab buttons.

Invalid Material:

An invalid material will display when a none Shadersource verified material is selected, "Open" and "Compile" sub tab buttons will remain disabled.

Deprecated Material:

A deprecated material will display when a material made from a previous version of the plugin is selected, compiling the material should update to the latest version whilst keeping all the previous settings.

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